We had to design an attic for two sisters for the TV program. According to the plan , the attic turned out to be 70 sq . m . The total area of the attic is 146 sq. m.

We have preserved the beams and the wooden roof lining with dormer windows, but at the same time we are building a theatrical decoration in the living room, with comfortable soft sofas, art installations, we paint the wooden floor, balusters. We want to get away from the mundane and create beauty in the attic, where you can move from the "gray" reality.

We solve the overall frame of the attic decoration very simply – we sheathe it with boards and tinted in a dark purple color, creating a neutral background for the main decorations of the attic. Next, we build a frame, which we decorate with moldings and wallpaper made for this project. This frame is very functional, it has two built-in entrances to the storerooms, a kitchenette, an entrance to the bathroom and future bedrooms, wardrobes. But at the same time, it is stylistically very decorative.