The composition of the design project

This section briefly describes the principles and composition of the work performed by our studio. The work on the design and implementation of the object is divided into four stages described below. Before starting work, the customer draws up a technical task. This specification has been previously agreed with the designer for its feasibility.

In the terms of reference, you can also describe all the wishes related to the image of the apartment and the stylistic solution of the interior. Also, from the very beginning, the customer determines the financial framework that the designer should focus on.
Concept and preliminary sketch

Includes the definition of the stylistic concept of the interior in reference photographs of interiors and individual items. Measurement plan and draft development of the planning structure of the interior.

Making a working draft

In this project, architectural details are developed, selected and described: building materials, built-in and free-standing furniture, equipment, plumbing, lighting fixtures and accessories from specific manufacturers for the possibility of subsequent ordering. Part of the furniture and finishing materials, in agreement with the customer, may not be specified, and be selected at the stage of architectural supervision from the availability in stores.

  • The project includes:
  • Measurement plan
  • Furniture layout plan
  • Plan for the dismantling of walls and partitions
  • Installation plan for walls and partitions
  • Floor plan
  • Ceiling plan
  • Electrical plan
  • Plumbing plan equipment
  • Wall sweeps
  • List of finishing materials
  • Furniture specification
  • light specification
  • Plumbing specification
  • Estimated cost
  • 3D visualization
Author's supervision

To start this type of work, a completed and approved project, as well as an approved estimate, is required. Author's supervision is carried out over construction works and works on installation of furniture, equipment, lighting. For the successful progress of the construction, timely ordering of everything necessary is important. Some of the purely technical issues that do not affect the architectural and design part are resolved between the customer and subcontractors directly, without the participation of the designer. All contracts for the supply of everything necessary, the customer concludes independently. For technological quality control of all works performed at the facility, an independent expert can be hired, since this type of work is not included in the author's supervision.

  • The work includes:
  • Periodic site visits as work progresses and issues arise
  • Control of compliance of ongoing construction work with the design project
  • Consulting work with contractors
  • Advisory work with suppliers
  • Approval of the documentation sent by all of the above for confirmation.
  • Partial coordination of the interaction of all of the above and their notification of emerging changes.
  • Local adjustment of the project (if necessary)
Interior design/decoration

After the completion of all construction work and work on the installation and installation of furniture, design work is required for the finished look of the interior. The need for all types of design work is determined by the customer and is indicated in the terms of reference.

  • Design work includes the following items:
  • Window decoration: selection and ordering of curtains, blinds, rolls, cornices
  • Selection and purchase of interior accessories
  • Purchase / order and design of paintings (graphics, painting)
  • Selection and purchase of missing lighting equipment
  • Selection and purchase of bed linen, pillows
  • Arrangement of all accessories, hanging pictures
  • Decoration of furniture, painting of doors, walls