White-pink apartment 40 sq.m. in Kozitsky lane

This apartment reminded us of Parisian interiors: the layout in the form of an enfilade, herringbone parquet, high ceilings, large windows with French shutters and two open balconies. We wanted to preserve this atmosphere by painting the walls white, adding bright and unusual art and creating a sense of space in these 40 square meters. Also we wanted to pay homage to the history of the house, built in the second half of the 1920s and conserve the parquet, windows and balcony doors, and try to restore the original moldings on the ceiling. We would not like a sleek and static museum interior, in which nothing can be changed and moved. We would like to move a bed or a table if we get bored and hang other pictures without destroying the whole concept. And, most of all, we were glad to return the historical appearance of this apartment, adding interesting objects, art, creating an individual, artistic atmosphere.

Even at the planning and mood board approval stage, Prokhor suggested making pink parquet and displayed it in the sketches (I don’t remember why)… but the customers were surprised and even frightened somewhere, as it seemed to me.

Some time has passed, dismantling, repairs are underway, we are approving visualizations. The wood is of standard color. But our customers have reminded us of pink color of the floor without rejecting it already. They just needed time to get used to it.

Here, the environment itself, the general atmosphere, is more important. For example, in summer it is incredibly light and beautiful here. When the balcony doors are open, compositions of flowers, herbs and berries bloom on the balconies, aromas and the sun go inside. You can see the central street with historical buildings from the apartment, you can’t believe that you are in a large metropolis.

We were happy to fill the interior with vintage and interesting objects, art that people want to look at.