When we got to know the customer, we found out that she is interested in modern art and Greek philosophy, also loves provocation and boldness in the work of contemporary artists, and is seriously interested in visiting museums and cultural attractions around the world. As a result, I wanted to get a “clean and open” living space with “aesthetic accents”.

In this project, we reflected her hobbies and hobbies. One of the works of Contemporary Art, selected by us, really liked the Customer. It occupies a central place in the living room above an antique chest of drawers - the work of Tatyana Antoshina "Europe" with the main character Panya Armor (Miss Alternative World 2000).

The basis for the planning decision was the wish of the customer to make the most open common space where you can receive large groups of friends. The kitchen island divided the room into a dining area and a living area, maintaining a single open space.

The apartment has three windows located on one side, so we moved all the secondary rooms (dressing room, built-in wardrobes, bathroom) deeper into the apartment, and the living rooms were placed closer to the light.

The bedroom was provided with a workplace for studying by the window, all the furniture for the bedroom was made to order according to the sketches of the authors of the project.

The basis of the color scheme - light walls with bright accents of sculptures, vintage items, paintings - was proposed by us and supported by the customer.

The whole apartment is a neutral calm background for future works of art, which the hostess will fill her house with in the future.