РThe work of a designer always becomes much more interesting when there is a chance to reflect in the interior the outstanding personality of the person who will live there. We are often lucky with these, this time they are a couple of interesting artists.

The house in the village of Ljubno in Slovenia was built in 1887, and our customers received it in a very poor condition. It was obvious that it was necessary to strengthen not only the walls, but also the hillside on which the building stood. The main concept of the interior space was determined by the creativity and hobbies of the owners - they managed to unite the works of different spirit with a common idea.

For example, the basis of many artistic works of the owner of the house is the philosophy of dualism, known since ancient times. As a starting point for the interior style, we decided to use a series of works by the artist "Black and White", in which the theme of binary was especially pronounced. Our world is a combination of dark and light.

It was important for us not to oppose these two beginnings to each other, but to intertwine them, to make them interact. The juxtaposition of black and white is present in all details, starting from the striped colors of ceramic sculptures and ending with the division of the house into two conditional zones - a dark bottom and a light top.

Frame and ground floor layout with its small windows and low ceilings

had to be left almost unchanged - in Slovenia there are laws protecting old buildings. On the ground floor, personifying earthly life with its temptations, we wanted to achieve the effect of thick air, and we painted the walls in rich dark green. Painted inserts on the ceiling in the dining room: they depict angels in heaven, they have become a kind of link between the dark first floor and the bright second.

The second floor was originally an attic with low ceilings and small rooms. The floor was built on, and the premises were combined and equipped with large windows. Now it houses the artist's studio and gallery space with a constantly changing exposition. The walls are painted white - against this background, art looks good, and it also does not distract the artist from work. We wanted the second floor to evoke associations with the light and concise image of Paradise.