Restaurant-bar L'eclat 140 sq.m. on Pestel Street

The concept of the cafe was based on the story of a rebellious Decembrist. After the well-known events in Senate Square, our hero is sent to Siberia. So, it’s the 19th century. St. Petersburg. Night. After the worries and unrest of the last days, he is put on a train that takes him into exile. Our hero is so tired that, without undressing, he puts his head on the table and falls into a deep sleep. Before he was touched by the right hand of Morpheus his last glance was at the sculptures of ancient heroes and the stone lions of St. Petersburg. In a dream, these sculptures appear in all the splendor of scarlet gold, interspersed with griffins and bizarre sculptures from the future. Against the background of the sky, surreal objects of triangles and circles, fragments of ancient architecture which he saw while travelling around Europe are floating. Thus, some other reality is depicted on the walls, which the subconscious suggested to our hero: secret thoughts, desires and fears, unconscious fantasies, memories and dreams.

Colour: A bright green car (part of the train) with golden moldings contrasts in color with the pink-lilac part of the dream, which seems to dissolve in the fog.

Author’s items and finishing — chandeliers, sculptures and wallpapers — everything is made according to our individual sketches.
Installations on the lamps — idea and production by Only design studio.
Sculptures in the windows and on the chest of drawers — idea and production by Only design studio.
Surrealistic wallpaper on the walls — idea and layout by Only design studio.
There is a sculpture by Yuri Khorovsky "Bust of upside down Napoleon" in the pink niche in the hall with the carriage among the fragments.