Avant-garde apartment on the project Only Design in Moscow 110 m²/ 2020

In a Moscow apartment designed by Prokhor Mashukov and Olga Sedova for a costume designer who works in films, the main role is given to avant-garde prints.
It is often said about designers that they are excellent psychologists and can understand what really suits the customer. The owner of this apartment came to us with examples that had a bright interior in the spirit of Provence. Our client is a costume designer, works in films, is creative, bold and even extravagant. I told her that the white interior was not hers at all, and Prokhor and I began to find out what she liked.
It turned out that the customer likes the Russian avant-garde and is not afraid of rich colors. After our meeting, she sent another example, which was almost a black apartment. In the process, it also turned out that the hostess likes prints and fabric sketches designed by Varvara Stepanova, a Soviet avant-garde artist, the wife of Alexander Rodchenko — this was the starting point for the project concept.
We took as a basis the graphic drawings of Stepanova, made four versions of wallpaper, which we pasted over the corridor, the guest bathroom and the accent walls in the bedroom and office. The customer chose the prints that she liked. However, it turned out to be more difficult to print the wallpaper than we initially thought. A small fragment and a pattern in a large volume look different, so we changed the scale of the rapport several times and made samples of different colors.
In addition to the avant-garde wallpaper, the hostess's love for this art direction is reflected in the work from the series “Kitchen Suprematism” by the art group “Blue Noses", which can be seen on the wall next to the kitchen, and her professional connection with the field of cinema — posters of posters by the Stenberg brothers. The apartment plan with a color layout also evokes associations with a suprematist composition. The almost red corridor, the blue cube of the office, and all this is riddled with black graphic lines.
The space of the kitchen and living room turned out to be spacious and bright, he got two arched windows, under which the designers designed small sofas. In the previous apartment of the customer there were low and wide window sills, on which she liked to sit, so here we also made seats for sitting. The seats of the sofas and decorative pillows on them are covered with fabrics, the prints for which were borrowed from the paintings of Sonia Delaunay, a French abstract artist of the early XX century. For us, it turned out to be a godsend, we found photos with good resolution and were even able to transfer the texture of the brushstroke to the fabric. The other two rooms are decorated in richer colors. The office is completely blue — this is the customer's favorite color, and she quickly decided to make both the walls and the ceiling dark, and in the bedroom this dark color is diluted with other shades to make it seem lighter.