КApartment with "Russian character"

The apartment according to our project became the embodiment of Russian humor in all its glory. Even after the first meeting, we realized that our new customers are very creative and cheerful people who constantly joke, like to laugh and appreciate the relaxed atmosphere. We decided to reflect the lightness of character, breadth of views and a great sense of humor of the customers in the project, so the concept of the interior was built around a joke, and the jokes were originally Russian.

As wallpaper used popular prints of the XX century. We scanned and enlarged some of these illustrations, and then created wallpapers for a new project based on them.

The theme of Russian humor was also reflected in the decor, including the main accent of the spacious living room: here on the wall there was a portrait of Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin dressed in a Louis Vuitton bomber. For us, it is the image of the great Russian writer that ideally suits the role of the standard of Russian irony - it was not for nothing that he wrote many stinging epigrams, the acuity of which our contemporaries can envy. In addition, Pushkin was a famous mod and dandy, often attending social receptions.

Another design joke was a table whose base is made up of cans of beer - an indispensable thing at parties. In addition to the table in the living room, a striking African wooden statue painted under a Dymkovo toy is noteworthy - this is how another piece of decor appeared in the room, referring to the Russian style.

In niches in the bedroom next to the fireplace, sculptural works of Yuri Horovsky were placed. The enthusiasm of customers for contemporary art was reflected in other areas: in the rooms you can see the works of contemporary artists Rostan Tavasiev, Tatyana Antoshina and the art group Blue Noses. The irony of contemporary artists is, to some extent, a continuation of the humor of artists who created popular prints at the beginning of the last century. We did not forget about the images of the customers themselves: they somehow reminded the characters of the cartoon series "Beavis and Butt-head", so an installation with the image of these heroes appeared in the bedroom.